2018 Recap: When we Quizzed Google

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2018 was the year of the selfie, the blood moon and cars in space, but most notably, it was the year that Quiz Coconut quizzed Google! In 2018, our roster was jam-packed with corporate, charity and pub quizzes galore. Needless to say, hosting for the almighty Google themselves was the corporate cherry on top!

How the Google?

So, we were invited to a wonderful get-together called Google Cloud Next ’18 at the international convention centre, London ExCeL. What’s that all about, you ask? For the purpose of gaining knowledge and building teamwork, developers gathered in their masses (8,000 to be exact) to learn from how Google Cloud can transform how we work. Moreover, the event was aimed to inspire and educate how cloud can power everyone’s successes. Naturally, some entertainment was in order – cue us!

Quick-Fire Quiz

For the purpose of the event, we put on three short quick-fire 10-question quizzes. Certainly, there were a few Google related questions thrown into the mix, but as our quizzes are designed to accommodate all backgrounds, ages, and nationalities, it also included a few random general knowledge questions. Of course, there were prizes up for grabs too!
At the bow of the ship was the dream-team and dynamic duo, our star-host and operations manager, Angela Stone, and the mastermind himself, James Cutler. In the legendary words of RuPaul, they dominated the stage with their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. Without reservation, people joined in teams with their friends to test their trivia. We even put some groups together to promote team-building, as we’re all about building group morale.

What was cooler than a cucumber, was that our stage was designed like a pub! To really get the pub quiz vibe, the space was custom built for us to resemble a typical boozer. It included all the classic pub trimmings, with beer, wine and even a dartboard! However, we can’t hog all the spotlight, after-all, there were ten different entertainment stations, including Basement Jaxx on the stage right beside us!


All of us as Quiz Coconut HQ were chuffed to be part of such a mega event! We had a quizzing great time working with the biggest company, like – ever! We enjoyed working closely with the client to create bespoke content and sheets to their wishes. With that in mind, it’s time to ask yourself, how can we do the same for you?

If you’re looking for a fun, low-hassle and low-cost event, get in touch with us here Quiz Coconut, for a quote! Make 2023 a quiz-tastic year with us!

Contact James on 07878 782377 or send an email to

Or, Google us 😉

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