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9 Cool Things About Quiz Coconut

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Here at our quiz company, we’re all about sharing our love for knowledge; whether that be through our weekly pub quiz nights, corporate events, our insightful blogs, or helping you find out which of your colleagues is a closet exhibitionist in a quiz team-building tin-foil fashion show challenge! With a memorable and mind-boggling name (just like our events!) you may be wondering: What makes us reign supreme as the masters of quizzery? Without further ado, here are 9 cool things about Quiz Coconut – this is why we are champions of the quiz night!


1. We’ve hosted 1000’s of quizzes!

Indeed, we’re darn-right proud of having hosted literally thousands of quiz events in our time as a quiz company! We host regular weekly quiz nights and work with the UK’s largest pub chains. Current clients include: Greene King, Young’s, Electric Star Group and Metropolitan Pub Company. Check out our current pubs, here. But that’s not all! We also host corporate events of all shapes and sizes. Some of our recent clients include: Google, Facebook, Sony, Ladbible, Disney and lots of start-ups and small business…the list goes on!  Check out some of our previous (and recurring) clients, here.
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2. Our Quiz Company Has A Dedicated Social Media Manager!

In our experience, we have found that the trials and tribulations of social media with its hashtags can be the bane of any pub industry professional’s life. Never fear, Quiz Coconut is here to make life easier for you! We post socials for pub quiz nights as well as offer marketing and social media assistance. Bonus fact: our social media manager is also a rock star (literally!) therefore knows the ropes when it comes to branding and being seen in a crowd!

3. …And A Videographer

It doesn’t end there, though! We have a whole operations team – including a videographer! Also, videos of your establishment and the quiz night are all part of the quiz package! How great is that?! Check the example here of one of our pub quiz videos; this one is for the lovely Lady Hamilton!

Media IQ Corporate Trivia

4. Leading-Edge Statistics

Our pub quiz figures are very sexy: Altogether bringing in 50,000 people to pubs each year, a Quiz Coconut night can triple your pub profits. We provide the whole package: all the questions, the music round, interactive bonus round, the amp/mic if necessary, social media and marketing assistance and an awesome host! We also design a personalised poster for your establishment, giving you all the necessary tools to ensure your weekly night is a success. What’s more, we have a special 4 nights for the price of 3 pub quiz offer for new venues! If you’re looking to crunch numbers, our cost-effective hassle-free pub quiz is a great way to boost revenue! But don’t take it from us, listen to what pub professionals have to say:


5. We Provide New Content Weekly

To make sure we’re as fresh as a daisy always, we provide varied quiz content throughout the week. This means, out of the number of weekly pub quizzes we host, you won’t find the same questions at another pub! All international friendly, our quizzes vary weekly to ensure people come back for more. At present, we have over 200 unique quizzes in our arsenal (excluding bespoke and themed quizzes), that include cool questions, pictures and a music round, with more being created each week! Check out a sample of our quiz, here.

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6. We’re A Multilingual Quiz Company!

We’re very proud of our incredible hosts, who truly make the quiz events come alive. We have a talented team with a range of global backgrounds, meaning we have the ability to host quizzes in various languages. For instance, we recently hosted a quiz in Portuguese for a Brazilian company on an incentive trip to London! Are you looking for a bespoke non-English language quiz? Hit us up!

Charity Fundraising

7. We’re International!

That’s right, Quiz Coconut have a base in Canada, entertaining the  masses with our corporate events and regular classic quiz nights! Experience a classic British night at pubs across Toronto, or a spiffing corporate event with a British host! Check out our Canadian sister-site, here.

8. 30% Of Corporate Clients Re-book With Our Quiz Company

Once people take a chance on Quiz Coconut, they can’t get enough! Certainly, With one in three of our corporate clients re-booking, it’s  proof  that we can walk-the-walk and quiz-the-quiz! By all means, we’re more than happy to be put you in touch with any of the testimonials on our website. Check out some of our corporate booking statistics:

9. Interactive Pub Quizzes

However, we’re no ordinary quiz, we’re an interactive quiz! This means at our quiz-tastical events, we have a bonus fun and creative challenge. From weird to wacky, sensational to inspirational, this extra shot of high jinks separates a Quiz Coconut night from all the rest! Above all, it guarantees a loyal and devout following at your pub, punters who will eat your food and drink a hell of a lot of booze each week!

There you have it! In conclusion, Quiz Coconut are indeed the crème-de-la-crème of the quiz night. Quiz Coconut is our name, and trivia is our game! Not only do we have a team of experts in social media, marketing, design and videography, but we above all have an amazing operations team that always go the extra mile for all our client. If you’re looking for a fun, low-hassle and low-cost event, get in touch with us for a quote!

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