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Booking A Christmas Party? But It’s Too Early!

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Trust us on this, it’s best to wrap up your Christmas party booking now. You don’t want to be dashing through the internet on a coffee-fuelled stressful search in December!


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We’re all too aware by now as to how quickly the Christmas party comes around each year. Indeed, I’m sure we’ve all experienced the swift passing of time – I definitely can’t believe it’s April already!

We’ve already had a number of quiz event bookings for Christmas; many assistants, executives, event coordinators and such, are planning ahead for the hectic end of year chaos. If you’re looking for something that is hassle-free and minimal effort, then Quiz Coconut are the perfect solution for your Christmas shindig! We are very proud to be the top-rated quiz night extraordinaire! But don’t take it from us, check out some of our testimonials, here. We’d be  happy to put you in touch with any of the testimonials you see.

Why Put On A Quiz Night?

Trivia nights are the perfect festive trivia solution: they’re fun and build on key skills, such as, decision making and teamwork, in addition to encouraging team bonding. Above all, a quiz night is suitable for all ages and abilities. Also, people can participate in the trivia event as much or as little as they like.

The cherry-on-top is that a quiz night is very low-cost. In addition, putting on a quiz night involves minimal hassle, as for one, the host brings all the materials, so all you need to do it turn up! Tell us where to come, whether that be your office or chosen venue, and we’ll show up to entertain! One of our standard unique quizzes lasts for two hours, but we’re happy to entertain for an hour, ninety minutes, two hours, or longer!

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Why Choose Quiz Coconut For Your Christmas Party?

Our diverse and tried-and-tested quizzes include: pictures, a music round and an interactive round, so that everyone feel they can contribute. One of the many reasons why we are the best at the quiz night, is that we’re an interactive quiz! This means at our quiz-tastical events, we have a bonus fun and creative challenge.

From weird to wacky, sensational to inspirational, this extra shot of high-jinks separates a Quiz Coconut night from all the rest! For example, our tin foil fashion show, or our After Eight challenge are both memorable favourites! Take a look at some videos on our social media pages, such as here, on Facebook.

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What’s more, we have a talented team with a range of global backgrounds, meaning we have the ability to host quizzes in various languages. For example, we recently hosted a quiz in Portuguese for a Brazilian company on an incentive trip to London.

So if you want a bespoke non-English language quiz, we have the ability to create that for you. Overall, the quiz content is internationally friendly, as we feel a quiz night is something that everyone from any background or ability can enjoy. In terms of the quiz content itself, we always create unique content for your company!


Don’t dilly dally – get in touch with us now for a personalised quote! Call James on: 07878782377 or contact us via our website, here. We also have a new live chat option on our website for any urgent enquiries!


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