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The Best Charity Fundraising Idea – A Quiz Night!

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On a single day in October we helped raise almost £10,000 for charity – read on to find out how we can do the same for you!

Here at Quiz Coconut, we raise the bar for charity fundraising events. From experience, we guarantee there is nothing trivial about fundraising trivia! In our time as a company, we have raised literally tens-of- thousands (maybe hundreds-of-thousands!) for charities with our fundraising quizzes. Hence, if you’re looking for a charity fundraising event, then look no further! Quiz Coconut can help you raise buckets for your bucket-list charity. We’ve supported many charities over the years, putting on our quiz night and it never fails to return on investment, boost joy, and funds!

Charity Fundraising

Benefits of Charity Fundraising Quizzes

The biggest benefit of having Quiz Coconut host your evening is that you don’t have to lift a finger! We’re also low-cost, setting an individual price for each company to ensure you’re bringing in multiple returns. Above all, we want to make your night as successful and stress-free as we possibly can. Therefore, Quiz Coconut are hassle-free in more ways than one: we are based in London but travel all over the UK, we bring the materials and audio equipment for the quiz and we come to your work place or chosen venue (we can even help you find one!). Additionally, we tailor the event to your evening schedule, so we can work around meals that are planned for the evening, including scheduling breaks. Or, you eat first and then quiz after – it’s totally up to you! Here at Quiz Coconut we are dedicated to being flexible for your company.

The Charity Fundraising Quiz

Charity Fundraising

Our quizzes are designed to accommodate all backgrounds, ages, and nationalities so that everyone can contribute something. Because the purpose is to raise as much money as possible and gain a high return, we remove any barriers in the way of having fun. A typical quiz consists of fun trivia, an awesome music and unique interactive round, plus creative challenges. Furthermore, we supply a charismatic and knowledgeable host for your evening.

We like to rev up the competition by imposing fines for cheating! If a team exposes a cheat, they receive bonus points! Not only does this keep things fair, it amps the excitement and rivalry between colleagues. As the aim of the game is to raise as much dosh as possible, we even sell answers for bids!  Certainly, we can incorporate raffles and even do the drawing over the mic. If you would rather take the reigns on this part, we’re happy if you would like to do this part, or to MC the prize giving process to ensure it runs smoothly. As most importantly, we’re there to ensure your night is a success and are willing to help out wherever needed!

We Can Walk the Walk!

Charity Fundraising

Don’t believe we can help your raise a wad of cash for charity? the proof is in the pudding! As recent as 11th October, we hosted two charity quizzes on the same day raising just under £10,000! On this prosperous night, one of our clients included Deloitte , a team of financial and legal professionals who were raising for Princes Trust. Princes Trust is a long-standing  youth charity that helps young people aged 11 to 30 get into jobs, education and training. A successful night indeed filled with laughter, entertainment and an abundant amount of money made for charity!

Our second charity quiz that night was for Michael Page, a well-renowned recruitment business. Alas, this was not our first rodeo! Due to our success in hosting their night, this was our sixth annual fundraiser with Michael Page.  In the past, they have raised money with us for Teenage Cancer Trust, a dedicated charity supporting young people diagnosed with Cancer. This year, we raised a whopping amount for MenCap, who work with people in the UK with disabilities. Clients assembled for a tremendously merry evening and for that reason were all the more giving! Raffle tickets filled the room and money towards MenCap filled the pot!

Frequent Flyers

Charity Fundraising

This isn’t our only regular charity fundraising quiz event! Without tooting our own horn too much, we have had mega repeat bookings over the years. Certainly, it is evident that we can walk-the-walk as well as talk-the-talk. A frequent flyer are Allianz, who we have entertained and raised for four fabulous times. Each of these quizzes raked in a total of £2,000, that’s a mammoth £8,000 total! Another veteran with Quiz Coconut are the renowned folk at Disney! To date, we have held 8 events  for Disney. Each one has been unique, with staff taking part in marathons for various causes. Also, it didn’t stop there! Disney put on extra fundraisers with their colleagues to bump up the total funds.But don’t take out word for how beneficial and amazing we are, check out testimonials here.

Whether the crowd consists of 20 or 200, we can assist you in creating a memorable and charitable night. If you’re not a big company, don’t worry! We do smaller charity fundraisers. Above all, we’re here for you! We want your night to be a hit and to be part of making it so!

As we said before, there is nothing trivial about fundraising trivia. Quiz nights are a great way to get people together and have a good time. They can participate as much (or as little) as they like and there is something for everyone. Not to mention, you get to raise a large sum of money for your chosen charity while having loads of fun! If you’re looking for a fun, low-hassle and low-cost charity fundraising event, get in touch with us here Quiz Coconut for a quote!

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  1. Hi I am having an untraditional wedding in September, rather than best man’s speech we would like to do a quiz music rounds etc is this something you could run ? It’s in Oxfordshire near kidlington


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