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Coronavirus and the Rise of the Virtual Quiz

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A Brave New World for the Pub Quiz?

None of us are living in the same world we were three months ago, but it’s an especially interesting time to be a pub quiz company. Pubs are currently closed, for good reasons of public health, and many face an uncertain future in the months ahead. After all, Covid-19 spreads easily in enclosed spaces where many people gather and talk. As a pub quiz company, we’d consider that a good sign for a pub in normal times! Although there are lots of silly ideas for how to adapt businesses to the challenge, it seems we might have to wait for a vaccine to be safe in our favourite local. In the meantime, there’s always the virtual quiz!

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Our desire for company, entertainment and refreshment remain unchanged. If anything, we need more love, laughter and lemonade (if not something stronger) than we normally do, with anxieties running high. We’re all so collectively stressed and depressed that mental health charities anticipate a crisis. Loneliness certainly won’t help with that! So why not consider a virtual quiz instead? A virtual quiz is a great way to get out of our heads and reach out to others through the screen.

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What is the Virtual Quiz?

Many of us, it seems, have been enjoying the new phenomenon of a virtual pub quiz. Here at Quiz Coconut, a dedicated pub quiz company, our staff have the experience and skill to capitalise on this brave new world. Over the past few weeks we have been attracting huge crowds to our virtual pub quizzes. One weekly virtual quiz has regularly had over 500 participants! When we aren’t limited by a physical building, we can enjoy a truly massive pub quiz.

More people than ever are clearly wanting to recapture the magic of the pub quiz (link to existing post). It’s the people, it’s the atmosphere, and yes, it’s the competition too. It’s a great way to show off to your friends, and there’s enough structure to take the pressure off when you’re getting to know new people. No wonder, then, that hundreds are flocking to our virtual quiz sessions, led by expert MCs, the pride of our pub quiz company!

So, what does a virtual quiz involve? It’s basically what you’d expect from an experienced pub quiz company. We bring the quiz questions, the games, and the charisma. All you have to do is get comfortable in front of your computer with your drink of choice! Every week we bring you a fresh quiz that’s a fun challenge for everybody, from the airhead to the mastermind. Your senses will be titillated with a music round, and there are interactive challenges that bring a bit of physicality to our virtual quiz.

Come check us out!

If you want to preview what a virtual quiz led by an expert pub quiz company is like, you’re in luck. We post video archives of some of our remote quizzes on our Facebook page. Our Toronto branch is booming too, check them out! There are wonderful hosts at both locations who would be happy to know you’re enjoying their best pub quiz work. If you have enjoyed a virtual quiz from Quiz Coconut, why not share one of your favourite videos with friends, to get them to join you next time?

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Pubs Always Evolve

It’s easy to see why the virtual quiz is popular in this era of social distancing. On one level, it reminds us of the good times we had with our friends at the pub. The virtual quiz also help people who are normally struggle to get out to the pub. Maybe they live a bit too far from a good local with a good quiz, or maybe they have difficulties meeting up offline. Perhaps they don’t know if they’ll be welcomed!

Pubs have always changed to meet new challenging situations. Our British pub tradition started in the Tudor period, when poor rural folk opened up their homes to the public and served them whatever drinks they could make themselves. Ever wondered why it was called a ‘public house’? That’s why! Over time, pubs got bigger and started serving food as well as drink. In the Georgian period onwards, government stepped in and made pubs safer, but a bit harder to start up. You can’t just serve alcohol from your front room any more! In more recent years, you might remember how revolutionary the ‘gastropub’ was, reacting to the decline of the traditional boozer in the 80s and 90s.

Pubs have always had games: from skittles and dice, to the modern pub quiz! So the virtual quiz shows us how pubs might evolve in future, whether we get more disease outbreaks or not. We’ve seen that people want to use the Internet to bring them more traditional experiences. As a pub quiz company with great IT we’ve got the skills to bring them that!

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Is the Virtual Quiz the Future?

That’s why we’re hopeful for a renaissance of the pub quiz later in 2020, or in 2021 – whenever it’s safe for pub landlords to put the welcome mat out again. People who already love their pub will be desperate to go back! Our virtual quiz will have given them just enough of a teaser to whet their appetites. After all, it gives us a bit more of a weekly routine, as well as keeping our brains sharp.

We don’t expect that the virtual quiz will compete with the traditional pub quiz. There’s no reason people can’t do both! One week you might want to visit the pub near work with your colleagues. Another week, you might feel like teaming up with your Scottish mates digitally, and enjoy a virtual quiz. The more options we can provide as a pub quiz company, the more you can participate!

Together with our colleagues in the pub quiz business, we’re helping to bring a new audience to the pub quiz. Some people might not have thought of going to a pub quiz before trying out our virtual quiz. For others, this might have been their first opportunity to take part in a high-quality quiz. If they enjoyed it, they might want to travel quite far to get another taste!

Nobody can predict the future. The economic recovery is bound to be hard for the entertainment business, especially our partners in the pub industry. But we are hopeful that the virtual quiz is a really positive sign for the time to come.

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