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Hardest Cryptic London Underground Station Quiz

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If you’re familiar with a classic Quiz Coconut quiz, you’ll know all about our cryptic tube clue round! At our pub quizzes each week, we give you a different London underground line with clues and riddles that make a stop on that line. For instance: If we said “the male monarch is angry” that makes ‘Kings Cross’ – get it?

We can’t claim to be the inventors of this popular craze, but here are 30 real doozies! You can test your tube trivia at only of our weekly venues, find one near you, here. How many of these London underground stations can you get?


1. This is where to go to get your knob-end measured

2. Pirate noise with a little cheese starter for the route

3. My global hamster actually prefers life inside his cage



1. Have 1/8th of a pint at 10 in the morning; and beckon a taxi

2. 2,240 pounds of kiln-burned clay

3. Mr Disney hides pig meat in the middle


London Underground


1. Is Potter able to battle the 6th letter?

2. A bit like an urge of the abdomen resulting in green space

3. The Putney postcode will almost tell you where this dwelling is


London Underground


1. The noise of leaves moving has shape

2. Down this path you’ll find sports shoes but no tea

3. Reminiscing, it’s something to cheer about, not sob, said the careless Roman


London Underground


1. Melt cheese and ham

2. Mash Mash Mare

3. Road where biggest selling Irish female artist has a run in with Romanian Socialist Republic


London Underground


1. Precious metal for bird of prey in the street

2. What oarsmen have done after individual work responsibility is overturned, makes Alan cut back!

3. Where flock-watchers trade their muffs


London Underground


1. Road for a vital organ and a natatorium

2. A street where you may have a small nightmare with a milky coffee

3. This tube clue is a Thames nightmare!


London Underground


1. Inlets for rough growth have the ability to make a mistake or sin

2. Impulse for Big Ben is complete

3. Take your boner to the chapel


London Underground


1. The pecker’s retreat gives slang for voluptuous derriere a rejection

2. Sounds like homes for mountain lions

3. A bitter construction


London Undeground


1. Is there a need to return and circulate business development ideas at this station?

2. A male rabbit meets a coffin vehicle at the cash register

3. Mercury May Tailor Deacon’s technique




1. Belsize Park

2. Archway [Arrrrrr – Ch (start of the word ‘cheese’) – way]

3. Balham [Inside clue < globalhamster >]


1. Tottenham Hale [1/8th of a pint is a tot + 10 AM + Hail]

2. Brixton [ton of bricks]

3. Walthamstow Central [Walt + ham + stow central]


 1. Canary Wharf [Can-Harry-War-F?]

2. Wembley Park [Whim-Belly Park]

3. Swiss Cottage [SW15 Cottage]


1. Russell Square [Rustle + Square]

2. Rayners Lane [Sports shoes are ‘trainers’, without T – ‘rainers’​]

3. Boston Manor [‘Not Sob’ backwards [reminiscing] – BOSTON + anagram of Roman is Manor]


1. Chesham [Cheese-Ham]

2. Amersham [Mash = anagram of ‘Mash Mare’]

3. Rayners Lane [ENYA+RSR]


1.Goldhawk Road

2. Latimer Road [Al (cut) backwards is LA; individual work responsibility is a REMIT – backwards is TIMER; oarsmen ROWED]

3. Shepherd’s Bush Market

Hammersmith and City

1. Liverpool Street  [Liver-Pool (Natatorium – building with a pool) Street]

2. Latimer Road [Latte-(night)Mare]

3. East Ham [anagram of ‘A Thames]


1. Bayswater [water inlets are bays + rough growth is a ‘wart’ + to ‘errr]

2. Wimbledon [Whim + bell + done]

3. Hornchurch


1. Willesden Junction [Willy’s Den – Junk Shun ]

2. Kew Gardens [Mountain lion is a Cougar, live in dens, hence ‘Cougar Dens’]

3. Maida Vale [Made of Ale]


1. Debden [Need backwards is DEEN, circulate with BD inside > deBDen]

2. Buckhurst Hill [Buck + Hearse + Till]

3. Queensway
[Four members of Queen – Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor (Tailor) & John Deacon + Way]


How many did you get? got your own? comment below or tweet us!

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