‘In-Person’ Events

The 9 Most Common Questions Answered

What Happens At A Virtual Event?

An overview to our game show virtual events

Virtual Events FAQ

Booking & Preparation

I've enquired! What's the next step?

If you have told us your preferred date/time we will come back to you soon with availability. We can have a phone call to answer any questions you have. Once you’re happy, we will ask for have as a deposit to book you in.

I've paid my deposit - what now?

Your booking is confirmed! We will send you a test link so you can try out accessing the platform in advance. You need to confirm the links work for you before we create your invite so we can be sure the technology is going to function on the day.

Typically on Fridays we email an invitation to the event with links and instructions, that you can circulate around your attendees.

Can we have a demo run-through?

Due to the volume of events, there isn’t time to offer everyone a demo run-through.

We typically find that almost every question we get asked is found in this FAQ page. We have a demo video here and testimonials for your peace of mind.

We have test links to ensure the technology works, and we have now run 250+ virtual events on various platforms so we can assure you the technology is in working order before the event happens.

Can we hear some typical questions?

Why not check out our podcast?

‘Quiz Coconut’s Quickfire Quiz-Pod’ is out now! Search ‘Quiz Coconut’ wherever you download your podcasts.

Selected links:





Google Podcasts


Do we need to prepare anything?

If playing as teams, split your group in to equal sized groups in advance, say 4-6 on a team. See details below about creating teams in ‘Do People Play As A Team Or Individually?’

This needs to be set up as we cannot put everyone in to break out rooms (see below).

If playing as individuals, you do not need to do create teams.

What about prizes?

We can incorporate any prizes you would like to give out!

It’s not essential though. Many virtual events we run people play for bragging rights!

Our advice is More Prizes vs Bigger Prizes.

It would be better to not have a spectacular prize for the quiz (such as an iPad), as invariably this will encourage cheating. A small gift card or such would be a good idea but have more of them so you have a larger number of happy participants.

We can include one-off prizes for bonuses at the end.  With these, Googling is impossible, so a better opportunity to award individual brilliance.

I've booked the Christmas Spectacular - how can I make my event more exciting?

We’re on hand with a guide to elevating your event!

In due course you’ll receive a flashy invite to send around your attendees, and a guide with extra celebratory ideas. Cocktail recipes, dressing up ideas, themed team names, suggestions to make your Zoom screen as festive as possible etc.

For festive events, you could include prizes for best dressed, worst festive outfit, best Zoom background, best Christmas spirit… we can give you some ideas if you like!

We can help you give your crowd a really good time!


How far in advance should I book?

There’s no exact answer here.

If you’re flexible on your day/time of the week, you can let us know the week before, maybe even sooner.

If you need a definite date/time for a fixed event, then we recommend booking as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Looking for a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday afternoon/evening? So are 90% of our bookers!

Busiest months are January, March, June and then October-December. Some December dates will book up as early as September. That said, if you can do your event on a Monday morning, then those are generally free!

For any customisation, we need any content at least 10 days before your event date.

Do you host Saturday events?

We host the odd weekend event, but we generally run events Monday-Friday. We will charge more for a Saturday event.

Team Set Up

What group size is the best for this?

We have hosted successful events for 10 people and 200+ people! Less than 10 isn’t ideal, and our custom events can handle 1000+, as many as your software allows!

If you have 25-125 people, that’s the sweet spot for the Game Show events. Our Spectacular is often booked for 100-200 people. Webinar ice-breaker events are suitable for hundreds.

Do people play as a team or individually?

You can do either!

For work department crowds of 20-50 where people know each other, playing as teams can promote team building and create some friendly rivalry. This takes a little more preparation as teams have to be set up in advance.

Playing as individuals is easier to set up and works for groups of any number. Attendees still benefit from the big group atmosphere.

In cases such as webinars, conference or when attendees don’t know each other very well, playing as individuals is more successful.



If playing on teams (more set up, requires two devices for best results): 

So the event can run as smoothly as possible, please arrange players in equal sized teams (4-6 per team) and ask them set up a line of communication for discussing their answers before the event starts. For part of the event, they will need to be able to discuss answers with their team members. For the second part they will not need to use this set up.

– This could be on MS Teams, Webex, Whatsapp, Slack, Google Sheets, an internal messaging system, phone, or equivalent. If they have two devices this is ideal though if only one they can switch the computer camera between the platforms to create mini break out rooms.


If playing as individuals (less set up, easier for people to play):

– The event can also be played by individuals. You do not need to set teams as above and each player will need access to the answer sheet.

We have a mixture of people at home, and some in offices. Will it work?

No problem! We can ensure the challenges work for those at work or at home. Please let us know when booking.

How do we submit our answers?

One person on the team will be the ‘answer form filler’ and be given access to a simple Google form. If playing as individuals, every household will have one answer sheet.

At the end of the quiz, players will submit their answer sheet. We will be able to collect all the entries and put them in ascending order, and can reveal the scores/winners.

In the case the Google form is blocked on your systems, we have an alternative – a Jotform sheet.

Test a Google Form works by clicking this link: https://forms.gle/6rSZMBUY4pkVUvkx5

Test a Jotform works by clicking this link: https://form.jotform.com/202786317222251

If neither works, pen and paper can do as a very last resort!

Won't competing teams hear our answers?

Good question! The host will mute all participants so you can discuss your answers with only your team via the other communication line without everyone in the main Zoom room hearing what you are saying.

Do you use break out rooms?

Unfortunately, break out rooms don’t work for this, as the host can not be in all break out rooms simultaneously. Also, when you have 50+ people, managing the break out rooms becomes very fiddly and time consuming!

It’s actually more fun – as people can see their colleagues cheering/groaning/laughing. The atmosphere is much better and they get the benefit of being in their small teams as well as being part of the big crowd, like they would at an ‘in-person’ event.


What are the different rounds involved?

We fill the time with a variety of elements designed to keep people engaged and interested!

  • A quiz
  • ‘Name-That-Tune’ music round
  • Game show elements
  • Interactive challenges people do in their own homes
  • Against the clock bonuses
  • Spot prizes (if you wish to award them)
  • Laughter
  • Jokes
  • And more!

We have a diverse group. Is this suitable?

Sure is! Our content is tried and tested on varied crowds of all ages and backgrounds. No one feels left out!

Our content is inoffensive, no swearing or foul language. There might be some occasional smut, if the atmosphere would suit it.

We are based in Timbuktu - can you entertain us?

Wherever you are in the World, we can entertain you! All you need is an internet connection. Our events are in English, but do not contain pop culture references that only certain nationalities would know. This is globally friendly knowledge!

Operating events in London, Toronto, Seattle, Singapore, Stockholm and Hamburg, to name a few – we tailor our content for an international crowd. Suitable for people who have been in the country for 3 months or 60 years!

Can you customise content for our event?

Our Spectacular events can include some customisation around your theme! Typically, our content includes bespoke images based on the company name or department. We also run themed events for Halloween, Christmas and others.

We must have any content to include 10 days before your event date.


What if we have employees who are new to the platform?

There is just one link to click, and the host will give a quick ‘how-to’ before we start. The event room opens 10-15 minutes early for anyone who needs help.

Can you use other platforms than Zoom?

In our experience, Zoom is best for this. It’s the most widely used and the easiest to navigate. We are also able to use MS Teams. Webex and Google Meet, though they are inferior for your attendees’ experience. They cannot accommodate background music well, and don’t have the extra features we use for the events so the experience can be lessened. MS Teams and Webex tend to have a poorer connectivity in comparison to the others and Webex is less user friendly. MS Teams allows the fewest number of people on screen at one time. However it does work well for arranging the communication of the quiz teams themselves if you have it on your company systems.

Using Zoom through the desktop app provides the best experience.

Best Set Up: Zoom using a desktop app


2nd choice: If playing in quiz teams, MS Teams works well as you can arrange chat channels within the same program.

3rd choice: Webex using a desktop app (pro: can see multiple screens; con: poorer user experience, lag time)

4th choice: Google Meets

Can I test Zoom works with a test link?

Please do! Here is the link, you can test it 24 hours a day:

If possible, open with the Zoom desktop/phone app, as the browser has more limited functionality.
– If you would like to test that the Google Form works on your company system, you can click here for a test form:

Google is blocked on our systems! What can we do?

We have an alternative, Jotform. Try it here: https://form.jotform.com/202786317222251

What if we have a technology problem?

It can happen on both sides. Power cuts and other unforeseen technology issues can get in the way, but thankfully not very often. If drama happens, we try to have a back-up computer on hand to relaunch the Zoom system with alternative means.


Will we have a good time?

Yes! Check our testimonials. One recent team said “they hadn’t had fun on Zoom for four months” until their Quiz Coconut ice breaker!

People's perceptions of Zoom meetings are negative. How can you overcome this?

This is our wheel house! We put more energy into the tiny camera on our computers for your benefit than you’ve seen since lockdown started. Allow us to bring a game show atmosphere, laughs and banter to your remote workers’ homes!