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‘Ello gov’nors!  Another week has passed and what a fine week it’s been! We’ve reacquainted ourselves with the British sunshine only to immediately welcome back our dear friend, rain. As per usual, it has been another cracking week with numerous players gathering from all over to test their coconuts in a game of trivia. Bank holiday didn’t stand in their way as pubs were filled with eager quiz-goers ready to take on a challenge!

Presenting quizzes sometimes makes you question humanity, it’s decisions, it’s flaws…but mostly, it just makes you shout out-loud “surely you can’t be serious?!” Such reactions are warranted when you learn that a lady’s lost wedding ring turned up for an 84 year old women on a carrot. I have no answers for you I’m afraid, I’m simply the messenger.

So, what else did we learn from the pub quizzes? We learned that alligators have been turning up on people’s doorstep in Fort Bend, Texas seeking higher ground due to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. I’ve got one for you….

Why don’t alligators like fast food? because they can’t catch it!

Speaking of  a good catch…we recently welcomed The Village Vanguard in Stratford to the Quiz Coconut family. They offer a unique click and collect “V’Room Service”: a menu comprising of voted favorites by the Villagers of E20 which can be delivered to those at near-by addresses who can’t make it in person. I’ll tell ya, The Village Vanguard is not your typical establishment. This bold bunch does things with twist: a horseradish bloody Mary, creative dishes with North African, Eurasian and British influence… the list goes on! They’re brimming with events DJ’s, smooth jazz and movie nights, and of course – the pub quiz every Thursday at 7:30pm.


You can find/contact The Village Vanguard via the following :



Contact Number: 020 8536 1439


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