Top 8 Ideas to Increase Pub Revenue in January 2020

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Top 8 Ideas to Increase Pub Revenue in January 2020

Being part of a quiz company has its perks: hosts visit pubs all across London (and in some cases, the world) so we get a pretty good gander at what makes a place flop and what makes something top notch. We’re like super undercover spies who literally get to stand on a pedestal and observe every nook and cranny of what goes on in your pub. We’ve put together a compilation of ways to ignite revenue at your establishment this January, to make people run to your pub after work instead of their bed.

Santa has packed up shop for until next December and we’re no longer living in a winter wonderland – just icy, rainy, cumbersome winter! Baby it’s cold outside, and we’d rather be sitting in our longjohns roasting chestnuts over a fire, than venturing out into the world of adulthood. After Christmas and New Year’s, the festive blues are at its peak as everyone is reaching in the pockets and exclaiming “bugger” as budgets are tight and pockets are slim. Never fear, Quiz Coconut is here!


Interactive Quiz

Naturally, being a pub quiz company, quizzing comes first on our list. People by nature are competitive and love taking part in this social activity after work. The interactive quiz is different to your average quiz: it involves a round of fun and wacky tasks that get people off their feet. A perfect example is the Quiz Coconut After Eight Challenge that you can watch here. This type of quiz usually lasts about 2 hours, encouraging people to stay and order food and drink rather having one pint and doing a runner. Quiz Company

For quizzes to be successful, incentive is necessary, but it doesn’t have to come at a cost. Jackpots and entry fees are a great way to get people to play while you don’t shed any pounds. If you’re going to invest, people do love to win a bar tab, or a cheeky bottle of vino…even a cheeseboard! As a quiz company, we know that having FUN is the best kind of poison: it guarantees a loyal and devout following that will eat your food and drink a hell of a lot of booze, because hey, alcohol makes you smarter (trust us). To see a sample of our quiz sheets, click here!

Quick-Fire After Work Quiz

Perhaps 2 hours of debauchery is hard to swallow as don’t want to upset your locals while they watch the footie in the corner on their lonesome. Our quiz company offers a quick fire quiz is a rapid one hour reel of questions, perfect for the pub-goer who doesn’t want to stay out late, or has to catch a train home. Your staff also enjoy playing along! Give them a sheet –  it boosts morale and they’ll be likely to invite their friends…the more the merrier (for your wallet)!

Burger Deals

Food glorious food, what would we give for a discount burger? Burger deals are a great way to bring in the masses. Perhaps reduce the price at certain hours on your classic burger? Or construct a tantalising burger and drink combo deal? To double up this success, hit two birds with one stone and do a burger deal on quiz nights!

Live music

Quiz Company

As Abba once said, thank you for the music! We’ve seen pubs filled to the brim with themed bands and live music time and time again. What’s been popular from what we’ve seen as a quiz company are classic cover bands, taking people back to the golden age of the 40’s, 50’s, 90’s or 2000’s…You can even put on an open mic night and encourage a community gathering in YOUR pub. I’m pretty sure one your staff has a hidden talent for music and would love to bring their friends to your open mic night to hear them perform…


Quiz CompanyDo you know how many times I’ve been setting up for the quiz, whipped the amp out and had a gaggle of cheers shouting “yay karaoke” and I have to break the news that “nah…just here to test your general knowledge”. One of the mysteries of man is the love of karaoke, but people love to get up and make a fool of themselves singing Celine Dion while drinking themselves silly. Free entertainment for you and your co-workers! This is a guaranteed way to bring people in.


This word is music to a student’s ears! As a quiz company, we know the value of loyalty and once you’re hooked, you’re hooked. Most people can’t resist an offer, and as quiz hosts, we know people love a deal. Honestly, if you give someone a free pencil they’re over the moon! Introduce a loyalty card where coupons can be redeemed, it can be as simple as “Spend £20 on food and get £5 off your next purchase.” They sky is your limit! design an offer that is suitable for you.

Drag Night

In popular culture, the show RuPaul’s Drag Race is a sensational hit! People are gaga for drag queens and love coming out to see a live performance.

Stand up Comedy

Quiz CompanyHad a bad day at work? people love a good chortle to remedy the blues. Why not keep it local? invite local comedians to perform in your pub. Performers often invite their friends, and friends love to help advertise their buddy. This means so much more social media promo than you’re getting and you don’t have to list a finger!



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  1. Pubs can have all the idea in the world, but until the greedy landlords stop fleecing tenant publicans over rent and beer monopoly, a lot of the ideas will only work in places with high footfall.
    I personally know at least two publicans who shut down over this, even though they had a lot of great ideas to entertain their customers.


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