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James' Story

I have been to many pub quiz nights in my time, but one really sticks out for me. I used to go to my local night in Putney and loved the regular dose of excitement on an otherwise boring Monday night. The host was entertaining and original, and I kept on going back for more. After a while an opportunity came to host it myself.

With various contacts, Quiz Coconut was born, and we jumped at the chance to expand the one night to a few venues in London. After hosting over 500 quiz nights in 50+ pubs over London, I have now asked well over 15,000 questions! In addition we have hosted corporate events for local and global companies such as Pepsi, Facebook, Deloitte and Disney. We have also run successful fundraisers for charities such as Alzheimer’s Society and Macmillan.

Our team of fabulous hosts and hostesses would be delighted to welcome you to any of our nights and hope to see you there soon.

And remember, don’t use your phone….use your coconut!


Bespoke Events

Cats? 1980s? Renewable Energy? Customisation not a problem!


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