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The Best Pub Quiz in London

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What would say if we told you we have proof that we’re the best pub quiz in London town?

Believe it or nut (shameless coconut reference) Quiz Coconut were hand-picked by the renowned Evening Standard newspaper as the best pub quiz  in London. We know we’re great, but now we have it written in ink! So, what makes us, so awesome, you ask?

First of all, we have an incredible operations team which includes a dedicated social media manager and videographer. Above all, we have the whole package: trivia,  interactive challenges and a boat-load of fun! Needless to say, a Quiz Coconut event is guaranteed to be best night of your quizzing life! Read on to find out why a Quiz Coconut night is sure to crack you up.

Weekly Quiz Nights: Star of Bethnal Green

best pub quiz in London


The journalist of the Evening Standard caught us in-action at one of our flagship venues, the Star Bethnal Green pub. Very aptly named, the author of the Evening Standard article dubbed this ‘The Superstar Quiz’. This gem-of-booze-den is located in the heart of  Bethnal Green in East London, an area that is renowned for its colourful cultural diversity.

Each week, our pub quiz night brings in a staggering amount of punters, (recently, we had a whopping 19 teams and 101 players), a quiet quiz night here is considered 60 people! Like most of our quizzes, this trivia night is in high demand, and the author made an astute observation to book ahead for a table

Read the article HERE.


London Quiz Nights


Most noteworthy, Quiz Coconut bring literally thousands of people into pubs each year! Punters flock to take part in our superstar quiz night. Not to mention (and we totally are justified to brag about this!) we’ve hosted 1000’s of  quiz events in our time as a quiz company!

We host regular weekly quiz nights and work with the UK’s largest pub chains including Greene KingYoung’sElectric Star Group , Mitchells and Butlers, and Metropolitan Pub Company. Quiz Coconut has taken over the expanse of London, every nook and cranny has had their socks thoroughly quizzed-off by one of our spectacular trivia nights! Check out our current pubs, here.



If you’re a pub manager reading this and wondering about figures, wonder no more! Our stats show that a Quiz Coconut night can triple your pub profits. In addition to this market boosting quiz, what too makes us great is that we’re low-hassle.

Why, you ask? Because we provide the whole package! We provide all the questions, the music round, interactive bonus round, the amp/mic if necessary, social media and marketing assistance and an awesome host! We provide varied quiz content throughout the week.

This means, out of the number of weekly pub quizzes we host, you won’t find the same questions at another pub! All international friendly, our quizzes vary weekly to ensure people come back for more. At present, we have over 200 unique quizzes in our arsenal (excluding bespoke and themed quizzes), that include cool questions, pictures and a music round, with more being created each week! Check out a sample of our quiz, here.

Certainly, we have kept pubs and punters happy for half a decade now, building up an excellent rapport with our clients. Don’t take our word for it! Check out the video below:



What’s more, we have a special 4 nights for the price of 3 pub quiz offer for new venues! If you’re looking to crunch numbers, our cost-effective hassle-free pub quiz is a great way to boost revenue!




Interactive Quiz


The article on our awesome quiz gushed over our ‘rambunctious, interactive, energy-fuelled’ trivia night style. Indeed, we can out-perform a Duracell battery at one of our pub quizzes!  This is because, Quiz Coconut is no ordinary quiz we’re an interactive quiz!

This means at our quiz-tastical events, we have a bonus fun and creative challenge. From weird to wacky, sensational to inspirational, this extra shot of high jinks separates a Quiz Coconut night from all the rest! Some of our famous examples include a tin foil fashion show, the After Eight Challenge, Fake News, and a boat-load more! See some examples below: 


Our Hosts


RuPaul eat your heart out! As our hosts have uniqueness, charisma, nerve and talent! Our trained hosts bring our unique trivia to life, with buckets charisma and nerve to enchant a bunch of sloshed locals! We’re very proud of our incredible hosts, who truly make the quiz events come alive.

We have a talented team with a range of global backgrounds, meaning we have the ability to host quizzes in various languages. For instance, we recently hosted a quiz in Portuguese for a Brazilian company on an incentive trip to London! Are you looking for a bespoke non-English language quiz? Hit us up!



Corporate Events

Avoid a stressful events planning process our low-hassle, cost-effective quiz! Above all,  organising on a quiz night saves you scrambling about, as for one, the host brings all the materials – all you need to do it turn up! All in all, tell us where to come, whether that be your office or chosen venue, and we’ll show up to entertain!

One of our standard unique quizzes lasts for two hours, but we’re happy to entertain for an hour, ninety minutes, two hours, or longer! Typically, a  Quiz Coconut quiz includes pictures a music round in addition to interactive and creative challenges so that everyone feel they can contribute.

What’s more, the pub quiz style means that players can participate as much as they would like to – from sitting at the table for the entire time to getting up and embarrassing themselves in front of colleagues. Trivia nights are the perfect event solution: they’re fun and build on key skills, such as, decision making and teamwork, in addition to encouraging team bonding.

Futhermore, a quiz night is suitable for all ages and abilities.Find all the information on corporate events, including pricing, here.

Quiz Coconut is our name and we can confidently state we’re the best interactive quiz night in London!  Want to be part of the best pub quiz in London? Looking for a fun, low-hassle and low-cost event? Get in touch with us here Quiz Coconut, for a quote! Contact us via the following:


Contact James on 07878 782377 or send an email to james@quizcoconut.co.uk

You can find Quiz Coconut Via:

Website: https://quizcoconut.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quizcoconut/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuizCoconut

Instagram: @QuizCoconut

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8XtEfbsykqHh4w3YRULmOg

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