Top 50 Ugly Christmas Party Jumpers 2023

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Top 50 Ugly Christmas Party Jumpers

Is your Christmas party around the bend and you want to turn heads? We may just have the answer…they’re big, they’re bad and they’re always ugly – Christmas jumpers! You’ll be the star of the Christmas event with our top 50 ugly Christmas party jumper picks. Although, we’re not entirely sure if you want to stick out like a sore thumb for this reasons! Perhaps, you can buy one of these stunners as a gift for a naughty friend or as a nice surprise for your colleagues at their annual Christmas party.

Pizza Cat

First up to bat is our furry friends. These jumpers are fur-free, but, they’re not shy of fluffy cats. You’d be surprised (or not) at how many animal-themed Christmas jumpers exist. This beauty combines mankind’s two loves: pizza and cats. This masterpiece is the topping you deserve. Certainly, a massive kudos to the genius that thought this up!

Just Hanging

If you want to a appear cool as a cucumber at your Christmas party, hang-out like a sloth! On the other hand, if you were in charge of booking your Christmas event and are cracking tired, this eyesore will definitely take attention away from any weary eye bags!

Christmas Crack-er

If you want to crack a few smiles at your Christmas event, this cheeky jumper might just do the trick! However, you’ll be the butt of the joke!

Eleven Pipers Piping

Stranger- yas! Above all, one of the best reasons to get 2022 out the door is to roll on next year’s Stranger Things season. Turn your Christmas upside down with this Eleven themed jumper!

Every Little Helps

If you’re looking to bag a bargain, this Tesco extravaganza may be the answer. That is to say, this is definitely for those who want the cheap and cheerful approach and aren’t afraid of people knowing it!

Jingle Balls

This jumper will jingle your bells! However, don’t be surprised if a brave elf grabs your chestnuts!

Santasaurus Rex

This jumper is absolutely dino-mite! Needless to say, this creation is an absolute eye-sore! If you want this extraordinary creation, we’ll save you the effort of googling and give you the link here.

The Christmas Spirit

Now that’s the spirit! This jumper will definitely encourage those around you to raise their spirits. If you’re planning to get elfed up this Christmas, this is definitely the ensemble for the occasion.

We Wish You A Hairy Christmas

If you’re storing fat during winter and haven’t quite reached optimum beer-belly, this jumper does the work for you. Likewise, the charming nipple piercings really give this jumper the edge.

The Perfect Elfie #NoFilter

Above all, 2018 has been the year of the elfie. This jumper is hip, current but most definitely not trending.

Sexy Santa

You see many a sexy-Santa costume this time of year, perhaps, we’re mourning Halloween. On the other hand, we may be simply wanting to warm up the long winter nights. Although, this sexy Santa approach is a bit less obvious, but maybe even more literal!

Merry Bacon

Well, what can we say. Bacon has been described by many as the food of the Gods and Christmas is after all about being with those you love most…

Tutti Fruity

Consequently, bringing the family together always results in one fruit cake making an appearance.

Fresh Christmas

Keep it fresh this Christmas with these zany Fresh Prince of Bel Air jumpers. Browse this unique selection here.

Nice Carrot You Have There

Carrots are rich in nutrients and have many health benefits. For example, taking a bite of this carrot can prevent vision loss, reduce the risk of cancer and may help regulate blood sugar.

Alien Reindeer – Burster

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Sigourney Weaver having to deal with gut-busting aliens, so the reindeer version isn’t overly shocking.

Winter is Coming

Game of Thrones fans, Yoren luck! This is the Christmas jumper you’ve all been waiting for! Hotter than a Targaryen dragon and more cunning than Petyr Baelish, this jumper will your knock your stockings off!

Don’t Get it Wet

Never expose this jumper to bright light, water, or to feed it after midnight, otherwise, the consequences will be dire.

Murray Christmas

Have yourself a very Murray Christmas with this jumper! Above all, I think this is the only Bill we want to be in the reminded of this Christmas…it’s an expensive time of year!

Dashing Through the Snow on a One-Unicorn Open Sleigh

One of these pictured on the jumper is real and the other one isn’t. We’ll leave you to decide which is which…

Save Money, Look Terrible

That’s Asda price! Another bargain grab here. This is definitely for those with a lackadaisical attitude towards Christmas.

Make Christmas Great Again

Dr Seuss re-imagined! In this adaptation, there are 99 problems but a Grinch ain’t one. Instead of being a green Grinch, here we have an orange one instead…

Do My Baubles Look Big in This?

I’m sure we all know that there is NEVER a safe answer for this question. Therefore, back away slowly and lock yourself in the nearest room.

Bah Humbug!

We all know and love this celebrity, Grumpy cat! I believe we all know a Scrooge this time of year who would wear this with pride.

Ginger Bread Abs

An often neglected Christmas treat, this Gingerbread fella is back with a vengeance! Perhaps this is a new icing design to try out at home?

That’s the Christmas Spirit!

Nothing quite says Christmas like vodka, family feuds and sleeping a LOT!

Let it Snow

Nuff said! This one speaks for itself.

Oh Hi Christmas

For those who know the iconic bad film, The Room, will definitely make space for this jumper in their wardrobes.

You Chicken?

If you want to ham-it-up this Christmas, this jumper will dress your fruit-and-veg nicely.

Christmas Pudding

That is to say, it simply isn’t Christmas without Christmas pudding!

The Breast Christmas Party Ever

If your answer to the age-old questions of breast or thigh is breast, this is the prime cut shirt for you this Christmas.

Tinsel Town

Most definitely putting the X in X-mas is this extra jumper. Most importantly, this jumper has the 3D effect to really grab hold of the Christmas vibe.

Jurassic Christmas

Not so much a winter wonderland, I’m sure this is exactly what John Hammond had in mind.

Little Miss Snowballs

Who said you can’t combine drinking games with Christmas jumpers?!

Dreaming of a White Christmas

There’s no Christmas Party like a Betty White Party. Surely a couple folks will mistake this for Mrs Klaus. This isn’t the best rendition we’re ever seen…the design seems more Halloween than Christmas.

Beard All Over

Firstly, it’s not Santa without the hat and boots. If you’re looking for a cheap Christmas costume, this may be the one. Note: rosy demeanour and Christmas spirit not included.

Let it Glow

Definitely one for the cool-cats. Therefore, if you want to show your too cool for Christmas, nab this bad-boy.

Come Over to the Merry Side

Silent night, Jedi knight – what’s the difference? However ‘A Merry Christmas we wish you’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Christmas Through-and-Through!

This one will go right through you!

Home Alone Christmas

Anyone home alone this Christmas?

All Included Holiday Package

Certainly, if you’re looking to go all-out this year, this concoction definitely screams Christmas. Above all, it adds class with the tie, making it appear like you’ve made an effort to dress-up when you have actually not bothered at all!

Yule Do

In other words, this is the perfect stocking filler for bae.

Christmas Crash

I’m sure that as a result of getting the family together under the same roof, it’s a metaphorical car crash…

Santa Baby

Pull a Houdini with this not-so-convincing Santa body suit. Although, they do say, the best things come in small packages.


Last and certainly least is this monstrosity.

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