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Best Office Christmas Party Ideas in London – 2023

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Best Office Christmas Party Ideas in London – 2023 edition

As the winter season draws closer, so does the annual office Christmas party! Even though there is no sign of snow, it’s best to wrap up your Christmas party now rather than dashing through the internet on a one-coffee-stress-fueled-search. At Quiz Coconut HQ, we’ve been thinking of the best ways to spruce up your Christmas shindig. Hold onto your baubles, here’s our list of office Christmas parties ideas that will sleigh the planning committee!


Hilarious ‘Pub Quiz style’ Trivia

Top of the list (of course) is a terrific night of trivia. Trivia nights are the perfect festive trivia solution: they’re fun and build on key skills such as decision making and teamwork. Like building a snowman, a Christmas quiz will build team bonding!

Typically, a Quiz Coconut quiz includes trivia questions, pictures and a music round in addition to interactive and creative challenges so that everyone feels they can contribute. The pub quiz style means that players can participate as much as they would like to – from staying seated to getting up and embarrassing themselves in front of the office.



quiz company


Quiz Coconut will come to your place of work or chosen venue, making the event hassle free. A standard quiz lasts for two hours, but we’re happy to entertain for longer. We can also provide eat and drink packages. Trust us, our quiz night is lit!

This is an easy to organise, hassle-free and cost-effective solution. This Christmas party idea is one where we’ll take care of the entertainment allowing you to relax and enjoy the office party with your colleagues! To find out more about how we can help, click here.


The unofficial sport of the nation! Whether the singing is memorable for all the right or all the wrong reasons, a karaoke night is a great office Christmas party idea. Feel like a rock star for 3-5 minutes at a time with karaoke to end 2023 in style!

Karaoke Box  is a private karaoke and cocktail bar in Soho that is sure to hit a high note with your colleagues. With private karaoke rooms ranging from £30-£96 per hour, this is a cost-effective, fun Christmas party idea.

Another London singing-your-heart-out  shindig is Lucky Voice in Soho. Here,  booking is no treble at all!  Simply, you pay per person for private rooms (4-30 people per room) that are jam-packed with dress up boxes, disco balls and controllable lighting.  Hit a high note with Karaoke this Christmas party!

London Eye


With London on our doorstep, it seems logical to utilise one of its greatest landmarks: the London Eye. Rent out a pod as well as priority boarding for a luxurious time with mesmerising views of London.  It gives you a great opportunity to take the high-ground and to build relationships within your team. Each capsule holds 25 people, so this is ideal for a smaller company to experience the big wow-factor!

Crazy Golf

Golf Party

Get crazy with mini golf! Known as the institute of competitive socialising, Swingers (near Oxford Street) takes crazy golf back to its seaside roots in a venue that re-imagines the faded glamour of the 1920’s English Riviera. Swingers has two 9-hole crazy golf courses and four bars with private bookings for anything between 12-600 people. If you’re looking for some friendly competition and great food in a unique setting for your Christmas party, this place suits you to a tee!


Shuffle shuffle! If you’re unfamiliar with the art of the shuffle, check out this handy link.  In summary, it’s sort of like a giant version of pool. The iconic Shoreditch homes this intriguing venue, The London Shuffle Club, the UK’s first shuffleboard club. Here, you’ll find cocktails, pizza and a whole load of fun! With six indoor lanes plus an amazing outdoor shuffleboard terrace with two rain-proof lanes and its very own Airstream cocktail bar, this is sure to fire-up competitive spirit within your team! Also, this is a great place for a large group. holding up to 310 people!

Christmas Party on the Thames!


This idea is guaranteed to float your boat! With the Thames on the doorstep, this is one of the best corporate event ideas in the city. Party Boats offer corporate rates and available for private parties. A standard hire includes four hours of partying, a finger buffet and an on-board photographer. No need to take the scenic route, click here.

Ping Pong 

Nothing screams stress release than firing tennis balls full throttle at your senior colleagues. Bounce in Old Street offer private events, rooms with cocktail bar, exclusive bottomless drink packages available from £45pp and a personal photo pod for capturing the moment. So pick up a paddle and knock-out the competition!


Urban Explorer Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for a unique team building activity for your Christmas party… – you’ve found it! The game you may have known as a child can be matured with sophisticated twists and daring prizes!

Urban Explorers offers a unique experience where players will navigate through a series of engaging challenges and tasks to collect virtual scavenger hunt items. Using GPS technology, the experience will only reveal the questions and clues when the team is located close to the hot spot, providing an exciting race against time activity in the heart of central London at Christmas.

With this list of exciting in-person holiday events for you to consider for this years Christmas party, you’re sure to find something that will leave a fa-la-la-la-lasting impression on you and your team!

There you have it! Are there any you feel we should add to the list? Do you have any favourites? What have we missed?  Please get in touch!

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