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The Best Coronavirus Quiz Team Names!

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At our virtual quiz events, we’ve seen some great topical coronavirus quiz team names so far. Do you have a virtual quiz or online trivia on Zoom at your work office and need a quiz team name quickly? Have a look at these! Or if not in such a rush, pour yourself a drink and enjoy our top 20!


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20. Dettol On The Rocks

Sounds delicious! But with alcohol sales up 31% it seems people are sticking to the good stuff rather than following the infamous terrible ‘advice’.


coronavirus quiz team names dettol

19. Quarantine Queens

Girl Power!


18. Lockdown And Out

Don’t give up – it’s not all bad! When would you have done a quiz on Zoom before all this happened?


17. Two Metre Quizstance / 6 Feet Quizstance

Soon to be reduced perhaps – substitute the current distance guideline in here. Get close to your colleagues, but not too close.


16. Quarantina Turner / Quarantina Aguilera etc.

We see lots of Quiztina Aguilera puns at our in-person corporate events, now adapted to become a top quarantine quiz team name!


15. Two PPEs In A Pod



14. Livin’ La Vida Lockdown

This one bangs, just like the singer.

ricky martin


13. Furlough Sweet Chariot

That reminds us – when is the rugby back on?


12. Quarantinis

Another booze-related pun. We can see a theme developing here… better pour another one.


11. Coronavirussell Brand / Crowe etc.

A Crowe-barred quarantine quiz team name, but we love how ridiculously brilliant it is.


10. Social Quizstancing

A popular team name riffing on the distancing requirements. We see this name in many quizzes – a solid choice!

coronavirus quiz team names distancing


9. Covidiots

Don’t be so harsh on yourself! You will be surprised about how much you know…


8. Nerd Immunity



7. Bring Me A High R, Love

Not sure this is quite right because a lower R rate is the goal. But we like this crowbarred, contrived play on the popular song!


6. It’s Not All Zoom & Gloom

You’re right! We bring some laughter and enjoyment to your Zoom team interactions. No gloom at our events!


5. Flu Fighters

Err….close enough!


4. Love In The Time Of Covid

Who says romance can’t blossom even if you can only touch each other with a barge pole? A play on the 1985 book.

quiz team names covid


3. Wu-Han Clan

Check out your gravel pit! Though due to social distancing only four people can enter at any one time.


2. Panic! At The Tesco

A popular choice early on – especially during #toiletrollgate!


1. We Get Locked Down, But We Get Up Again

Feel the positivity in this team name! We will get back up again, and as soon as we can, we’ll be sitting back down again (in a pub beer garden!).

We love these quarantine quiz team names, perfect for your virtual team building quiz. Are you looking for some fun, engaging, entertainment for your team? Try our virtual quiz events – cost-effective, enjoyable, and easy to set up. Contact us for more information or download a guide on our page!

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